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Creating, Organising And Delivering Accurate Textbook Solutions Verified By Professionals For All Academic Levels And Subjects

We are a reputed eLearning company in the UK, providing reliable step-by-step textbook solutions in various formats to our valued clients.
textbook solutions service in UK

Key Issues

Textbooks are a vital part of any education system because learners rely on them. Besides having conceptual descriptions, they also contain questions. These questions help learners in having a better understanding. However, sometimes there are some complicated issues that put both learners and their educators to trouble.

Hence,clients from education industry look for agencies that can provide them with the solutions for all textbook problems. It enhances the pace of learning by overcoming the roadblocks disguised as textbook problems. Clients can ask their in-house professionals to do it, but that would be a waste of money and resources. So, textbook solution providers are the best choice but choosing one is challenging. Because most solution developers only deal with specific subjects.

On the other hand, agencies that provide holistic solutions lack linguists who can translate them into multiple languages. Therefore, clients end up compromising on one feature or the other. Thus, finding the perfect textbook solution service is critical.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As a leading eLearning content developer in the UK, we provide optimal textbook solutions. Our widely talented SMEs and writers create step-by-step textbook solutions for all subjects and academic levels. They include relevant images, charts and other interactive elements. As a result, learners easily understand the solutions and are motivated to solve more. For online learning, we create textbook solutions in the eBook format as well. In these, the content is highly responsive, so it fits across all screen sizes devices.

Our team has decades of experience in developing textbook solutions for businesses worldwide. Hence, they handle large volumes of content and deliver on time beyond expectations. Also, they are familiar with all the academic standards and regulations which guarantees premium content delivery. Most importantly, Acadecraft customises the solutions as per client objectives, board guidelines and learning goals.

Types of Textbook Solutions

Our wide network of qualified SMEs and academic writers enable us to serve clients globally. Moreover, they provide a wide range of textbook solutions to satisfy the various client requirements. We translate all the solutions into any desired language.

Professional textbook solutions service
Grade Specific

We design textbook solutions that provide subject-wise descriptions. In a single book, a learner can get all the solutions for a particular grade. Also, the solutions are supplemented by graphical elements to enhance understanding.

Professional textbook solutions service provider
Concept specific

In our concept-specific textbook solutions, the content is arranged concept-wise. It contains answers for all the concept related questions included in the corresponding textbook. Hence, it is highly useful for learners looking to strengthen their knowledge in specific topics.

Professional textbook solutions service provider in UK
Board specific

Schools in the UK are under different examination boards. As a result, the curriculum patterns, pedagogy patterns and learning goals also differ. We provide solutions specific to the different board types so that learners do not face any oddity.

Professional textbook solutions service company

These include solutions for a particular subject from the beginner to the advanced level. They are different for primary, secondary and higher education. So, they help students preparing for college entrances that include concepts covered in multiple grades.

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Course Specific

Acadecraft creates textbook solutions that cater to the problems of specific courses. The courses may be Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral or Postdoctoral. Also, we provide a specialised solution manual for professional courses like medical accounting and engineering.

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Skill Specific

We create skill-specific textbook solutions as well. The skills include computer programming, software designing, painting, music, physical education and more. Our solutions strengthen the theoretical basis of every practical field, which is important.

Our Clients

textbook solutions service in UK


Acadecraft creates textbook solutions in the form of eBooks for eLearning clients. So, they may be in PDF, EPUB, AWS or other digital formats. Our solutions can be accessed using any device and LMS.

Professional textbook solutions service


Acadecraft designs various types of textbook solutions for schools, colleges and universities. Our solutions meet all the curriculum requirements, learning goals and accessibility standards.

Professional textbook solutions service provider


Acadecraft provides numerous textbook solutions for specialised skills and academic courses. So, publishers use our textbook solutions for their widespread customers. We serve clients across all educational levels and boards.

Professional textbook solutions service provider in UK

How It Works

Acadecraft creates customised textbook solutions in multiple languages for education clients. Hence, they allow easy understanding and faster learning for global learners.

First, we collaborate with the clients and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint of the required services and assemble a team based on it. Then, the team creates the textbook solutions in the desired language, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy and accessibility.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, assemble, create and review before delivery.

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