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Providing Standard Flashcard Creation Services To Improve Engagement, Memory And Pace Of Learning For Effective Results.

We are an eLearning company delivering interactive flashcards services to our valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Flashcards are gaining popularity among businesses. With technological advancements in the education industry, flascards have come up as a perfect study resource. So, businesses worldwide are looking for ways to integrate flashcards into their study modules. Flashcards are cost-effective, portable, versatile and most importantly, they are easy to understand. As a result, many flashcard creation software tools have come up.

However, businesses should not rely on these automated tools. They must seek professional assistance instead. But again, all flashcard creation service providers are not reliable either. Most of them do not have the subject expertise required to create accurate flashcards. Also, many agencies are not innovative enough as they still create traditional flashcards that promote rote learning. When asked to work with complex topics, they end up putting too much information on one card. Therefore, finding a flashcard creation service that provides to-the-point information for various academic disciplines is challenging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

As an experienced eLearning company in the UK, we have the best team of developers, SMEsand writers. They are highly experienced, so they create interactive flashcards for all subjects and academic levels. Moreover, the attractive way of displaying information ensures easy retention and understanding. With a pool of experts linguits on board, we offer customized flashcards in multiple languages for accessible learning. The team creates one flashcard for one question to ensure clarity.

We adhere to create concise, clear and topic-specific flashcards for our clients in UK. Acadecraft also creates games, quizzes and exams using flashcards. It improves learner engagement, employee productivity, concept retention and knowledge development. Our flashcards are accessible across all devices and platforms 24/7, worldwide.

Types Of Flashcard Creation Services

Years of experience in the eLearning industry enables Acadecraft to design a variety of Flashcards for businesses worldwide.

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Language Learning Flashcards

Flashcards are great tools to learn new languages. So, Acadecraft designs customised flashcards for various languages. We incorporate dialogues, famous movie scene illustrations and images to make learning easy. On one side, our cards contain a sentence in the native language, while the other side flashes the same in the target language.

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Scientific Flashcards

Acadecraft’s flashcards help learners with various mathematical equations and scientific formulae. Using them, learners can easily solve questions and conduct experiments. Irrespective of the complexity level, we create flashcards across all educational levels. We colour coordinate facts for better understanding and visibility.

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Conceptual Flashcards

Our flashcards explain various concepts of the humanities, arts and social sciences as well. So, clients can provide their learners with a better way to remember important dates and names. These are beneficial for employee training, too, because we include step-by-step instructions. Hence, clients use them as part of user guides and instruction manuals.

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Assessment Flashcards

Acadecraft creates interactive flashcards for tests and assignments. We depict the question on one side of the card, which flips to show the right answer after the learner submits his/her answer. Therefore, these flashcards ensure instant feedback for learners to observe and rectify their mistakes.

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Memory Flashcards

These flashcards are designed to enhance the memory of learners. So, they are highly useful for young learners or employees learning a new skill. It helps them remember keywords and their meanings. Clients use these cards to build a strong knowledge foundation for their users. These are prepared for all subjects and skills.

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Pictorial Flashcards

These cards also help in foundational learning. Apart from that, they are also beneficial in learning complex topics types of tissues, parts of an industrial device, workings of software and more. They are accurately labelled and come with descriptions that appear when learners hover over the particular word.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft creates interactive flashcards for eLearning platforms worldwide. We integrate illustrations and images in high resolution to help learners understand complex concepts easily.

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Acadecraft develops innovative flashcards as per the curriculum and language requirements of the client. It helps teachers and learners to communicate effectively.

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Acadecraft designs a wide range of flashcards for various subjects and skills. So, publishers in the UK and worldwide use our flashcards for multiple target audiences.

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How It Works

Acadecraft creates customised flashcards in multiple languages for clients worldwide. Moreover, these flashcards enhance learner engagement, understanding and productivity.

First, we understand the requirements of our clients and document the areas of development. Then, we design a blueprint of the required services. Our team creates the flashcards, which our quality analysts finally review for accuracy, accessibility and interactivity.

Hence, we understand, document, design, create and review before delivery.

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