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With the rapid rise in digitization, online learning has become a norm. Education is not confined to any particular time frame anymore. This has increased 24x7 tutoring & homework help services. As a result, the educational institutions and e-learning industry are bound to offer such services to the learners. However, their experts are not available round-the-clock. Therefore, organizations often seek the help of professional tutoring and homework help services providing companies.

Acadecraft is a leading educational service providing company in Canada. We have experienced and certified subject matter experts for different academic levels. We offer K-12, secondary and post-secondary education service requirements. Our experts deliver online tutoring, chat support, Q&A sessions based on clients’ needs. In addition, we also develop multiple learning solutions, including customized solution manuals, flashcards, and interactive media-rich content. We have 100% transparent tutor profiles. Our clients can select tutors and verify their credentials accordingly.

We schedule the services strictly based on the client’s timelines. Our experts are available 24x7 for our clients. We deliver most of our services even during the night. We have an accuracy rate of more than 99%. The tutors deliver the sessions enticingly and engagingly. Our services are incredibly affordable and have a higher ROI value.

Types of Tutoring & Homework Help Services

Acadecraft delivers fast and error-free online tutoring & homework help services. We ensure to fulfil the diverse needs of clients.

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Online Tutoring Services

Acadecraft provides well-experienced and certified online tutors to clients. We deliver online tutoring services for all subjects and grades. Our experts make the session attractive by using multiple interactive quizzes and fun activities. We provide subject-specific sessions, doubt clearing sessions, exam-based tutoring, and several other services.

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Q&A Services

Acadecraft has proficient Q&A experts who develop specific questions with accurate answers. We deliver multiple-choice, short answer, open-book, long answer, constructive responsive, and others. In addition, we provide 24x7 online chat support and live Q/A services to clients.

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Textbook Solutions

At Acadecraft, we deliver customized textbook solutions for clients. We provide solution sets that include answer keys, short answers, detailed answers based on the clients’ requests. We design grade-wise, subject-wise and chapter-wise solution sets for all disciplines and academic levels in Canada.

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Explainer Videos

Acadecraft has experienced and skilled animation experts who collaborate with SMEs to develop accurate and engaging explainer videos for clients. We design the content according to the clients’ requests. We offer 2D explainers, 3D explainers, whiteboard explainers, infographics, animated storyboards and other explainer videos at cost-effective rates.

Accessibility Audit sevices in USA

Acadecraft delivers textual flashcards, pictorial flashcards, formula-based flashcards, assessment flashcards, skill-based flashcards, course-based flashcards, and many more! We follow scientific procedures to develop easy-to-remember flashcards. We deliver the flashcards services within deadlines. They are error-free and unique.

Accessibility Audit sevices in USA
Video Solutions

We develop all types of video solutions for clients. Our subject matter experts develop accurate micro-videos, video lectures, revision videos, and assessment videos. We also create animated and whiteboard videos for clients. Our video solutions are comprehensive and precise. Our clients can request post-delivery modifications as well.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft provides online tutors, study materials, video solutions, assessments, interactive quizzes, and many other services to the e-learning industry. Our online content development follows the WCAG guidelines for accessibility.

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Educational Organizations

We offer experienced tutors for online classes. We also provide ppts, lecture notes, lesson plans, customized textbooks, and many other services to educational organizations. We deliver regular services with full-time client support.

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Tuition Centers

The tuition centres require 24x7 chat support, Q&A services, doubt clearing sessions, and other homework help services for their learners. Acadecraft offers tailor-made services to fulfil the client’s requirements at an affordable rate.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft always delivers customized services to clients. We ensure to understand the client’s requirements before starting the project. We first connect with our clients to discuss their needs. After understanding the client’s objectives, our project managers assign the project to a qualified team of experts. The experts study the project details, do relevant research, develop and deliver the services. We also take continuous feedback from clients and work on improving our products and services.

Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, study, research, develop, improve, and deliver the best tutoring and homework help services.

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