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Key Issues

With learning shifting to digital platforms, test preparation soon followed. So, academic companies and institutes now provide test preparations services online as well. But it is not as simple as in-class preparation services. It requires technical expertise and software knowledge. Hence, clients seek professional expertise from test preparation services.

However, not all services have SMEs for every syllabus requirement. SAT exams are highly competitive and are assessed on various criteria. So, directional and targeted preparation is a must. But very few test prep services have the experience needed to deliver optimal content. They lack research analysts required to analyse the previous years' SAT exams. It is essential because it allows them to develop preparation strategies. Also, some SAT prep services only offer a limited range of services. Hence, clients must carefully evaluate a service before partnering with them.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning company in UK, we have the best Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across multiple subjects. Our SMEs work in close collaboration with the content writers and research analysts, prepare holistic test prep content for SAT exams. We realise that there is no 'one size fits all' model so, we offer customised solutions. Also, we are mindful of the different focus areas and learning approache. Our test prep solutions are well-paced and designed as per the client's learning goals and resources.

The content is designed to evaluate students' critical thinking skills and competencies across several concepts. We also offer instant feedback so that clients can keep track of learner's progress and introduce new concepts accordingly. Moreover, we guarantee consistent instruction by qualified experts. Our online test prep modules for SAT are accessible from anywhere, any time. They lead learners to the answers using engaging methods instead of directly delivering them. Hence, our test prep services for SAT assure success to clients.

Types Of Test Prep Services For SAT

Our widely experienced team delivers a range of test prep solutions to clients. So, we ensure to meet the needs of all types of learners and aspirants.

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Printable test prep

Acadecraft creates various test prep content that is highly relevant for SAT preparations. We develop them in print-ready formats so clients can deliver them to learners in classrooms and remote. It includes material for all concepts important in SAT exams.

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Online Q & A

Here, we develop questionnaires that clients can deliver to their online audience. We include various interactive elements to make the assessments engaging. The content guarantees accessibility so that learners worldwide can benefit from it.

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Mock Tests

Using our mock tests, clients can provide a real SAT exam-like environment to their learners. It helps them get better acquainted with the exam hall pressure to perform better on the exam day. It is accurately timed and organised.

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Learning Material

It includes descriptive content for the various concepts important for SAT exams. They are explained in detail so that learners can easily refer to the material in case of confusion. Also, we provide them in the form of eBooks, PPTs, PDF, and videos lessons.

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Open Book Tests

Our open-book tests assess a student's ability to build an argument using all the information in a book. Such questions or scenarios help test the understanding levels of a student across any topic. They learn to plan their essays better and manage their time accordingly by quoting only what is extremely important.

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Full-Length Tests

Similar to mock tests, but these are not timed. Clients use our full-length tests to familiarise learners with the question distribution pattern in the SAT exam. So, learners get a better idea of what to study and how much time to devote to each topic.

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Concept-Specific Tests

These tests help clients to deliver concept-based practice material to their learners. Based on the various weak areas of the learners, we prepare customised tests. Our team is capable of producing tests for all subjects and concept fields.

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Time-Coded Tests

Clients use our time-coded tests to help learners get a better idea of their time distribution. These are based on any concept so learners can strengthen their learning as well as plan their time. We deliver to clients worldwide and 24/7.

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Reading & Writing Tests

Clients use these tests to strengthen the reading and writing abilities of SAT aspirants. Essays are a vital part of SATs, so we lay special emphasis on them. Our comprehensions maintain the language standards and motivate learners to write better.

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Group Study Sessions

Acadecraft prepared test solutions that helps our clinets to serve their learners in the best way. We integrate discussion platforms and immediate feedback to help learners communicate while practising. It enables clients to provide a competitive environment to their aspirants.

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Online Tutoring

We have certified online tutors who have professional expertise in training SAT aspirants. Clients use their services to teach a class or provide one-on-one lessons. They are from different parts of the world, so they are available 24/7.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft offers test prep solutions to various eLearning clients that provide SAT preparation services. They rely on our services because we deliver the modules in multiple formats and on time. We include interactive elements like graphics, audio-visuals and more.

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Schools and colleges use our SAT prep solutions to prepare their learners. We offer modules for all concepts and organise them in a way that supplements academic learning. Clients prefer our solutions because they can be accessed from anywhere, any time.

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Coaching Institutes

Acadecraft provides both in-class and online learning materials to coaching institutes that deliver SAT coaching services. They use our services because accredited experts prepare our modules. Also, the modules cater to all crucial concepts in a detailed manner.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft provides conclusive test prep solutions for SAT exams to clients in the UK and worldwide. Besides, we ensure to adhere to the syllabus requirements and question pattern.

First, we connect to the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint of all the different types of solutions needed. Our SMEs prepare the content, which our technical experts transform into online modules of various formats. Finally, our quality analysts review the test prep solutions for accuracy and validity.

Hence, we connect, understand, design, prepare, transform and review before delivery.

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