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We are an eLearning company providing UKCAT test prep to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is a medical admissions test recognised by a consortium of UK universities for medical and dental programmes. It is a two-hour computerised test that assesses learners' mental abilities, professional knowledge, and behavioural aptitudes. It is not an easy test as the questions are situational and bookish knowledge is not enough to secure a high score. So, clients rely on professional test prep services to motivate their learners and boost their confidence.

However, most test prep agencies do not provide well-researched content containing updated information because they lack curriculum experts and research analysts. Many fail to create accurate mock tests that mimic the real tests due to less technical expertise. So, clients must carefully choose their service partner, one that delivers on time and includes accurate and effective study material. The agency must deliver online modules along with printable reading supplies.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is an experienced test prep service catering to client needs worldwide. Our experts develop content and services for a variety of tests across multiple levels in the UK. Clients throughout the academic industry use our services because we have a record of providing genuine and effective test prep. Our UKCAT test prep materials help learners practice similar questions and gain confidence by solving multiple papers before the actual test. The tests enhance the reasoning, decision-making, and judgement skills of learning, which are key aspects of a medical or dental career.

Moreover, we create the test prep modules in multiple formats and languages to suit the different needs of clients. The modules are always interactive and highly responsive, ensuring greater engagement and output. They are compatible with all LMSs, devices, and learning applications. We also integrate gamification features to make learning fun and easy. Learners can learn at their own pace and enjoy the process. Our online tutors assist clients with live and recorded learning sessions if needed. Further, our experts provide instant help and 24/7 customer support to clients worldwide. We deliver on time, irrespective of the project size and complexity.

Types of Test Prep Services

We provide test prep help for all the different subsets included in the UKCAT test format. All of them contain accurate content and unique learning methods.

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Verbal Reasoning Modules

Twenty-one minutes of the UKCAT are dedicated to verbal reasoning questions. So, we create genuine Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that test learners' critical thinking and evaluation abilities. Practising multiple modules enhances the time management skills because learners have to solve 44 questions in the stated time, which is never easy.

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Decision Making Modules

These modules contain question banks, practice papers, workbooks, and solution manuals for MCQs that test learners' decision-making skills. We present multiple complex situations to the learners challenging them to make sound decisions. These questions assess the personality and emotional aspects of the learners, like empathy.

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Quantitative Reasoning Modules

Here, we create question banks and practice sheets that contain numeric problems. Learners have to critically evaluate a set of numerical data and answer the questions based on it. The questions are MCQ and test the quantitative reasoning abilities of learners. Thirty-six questions are asked in 24 minutes, so learners have to practice more to become quick.

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Abstract Reasoning Modules

We create study materials and manuals containing various questions to test learners' convergent and divergent thinking abilities. They analyse the information provided in the question and derive relationships, differences, or comparisons from it. They are not easy to solve, so clients combine these modules with regular classroom activities.

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Situational Judgement Modules

These modules help learners develop an understanding of real-life situations and behave accordingly. Clients use them to assist their learners in identifying critical factors and practising the right behaviour while handling a situation. The options can be quite confusing, so learners must have a clear understanding and practice multiple times.

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Mock Tests

We create mock tests that mimic the two-hour computerised UKCAT test. We ensure to provide the exact time allocated to each subset and offer essential test tools. The tools include note-taking, calculators, and keyboard shortcuts. We familiarise learners with the login and ID verification process so that they are not flustered on exam day.

Our Clients

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Colleges, universities, and eLearning platforms in the UK use our test prep services to prepare their learners for UKCAT better. We provide online and printable test and study materials containing accurate information for multiple topics.

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Coaching Centres

Various exam preparation centres in the UK and worldwide provide test prep help for UKCAT. But they use our expertise to create study materials, course designs, and more. They also rely on our tutors for live and recorded online sessions.

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Question banks and solution manuals must contain accurate and updated information. Our team's experienced SMEs and research analysts create impactful content for publishers, and proofread and validate their content if needed.

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How It Works?

We provide round the clock services and deliver on time for all project sizes because we follow a tested and collaborative process. It allows our experts to work without any hassles and deliver their best at all times.

First, we understand the client's needs and assign a team suitable for their needs. Then, the team designs a blueprint previewing the test prep module. Based on it, our SMEs and designs create text and multimedia content. Following this, the software experts integrate the content into various interactive modules. They may include gamification elements if needed. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy and compatibility.

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