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Key Issues

PTE is a highly convenient and popular English language test, making it difficult to achieve a higher score. The PTE scores are accepted in many universities, schools, and organizations worldwide. So, clients try their best to motivate their learners and help them qualify with high scores. But, in-house experts are not capable of designing interactive test prep modules for all target audiences. So, they rely on professional test prep services for practical solutions.

However, all test prep centres are not equally qualified as some lack SMEs while others do not have the technical expertise. Both aspects are crucial if the clients want test prep modules that are accurate and interactive. Also, only a few agencies can handle large volumes of content for a diverse target audience and deliver on time. So, clients must choose an agency that delivers services 24/7 and accommodates multiple reworks.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning company in the UK. Our team includes some of the most sought Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and academic writers. They draft highly reliable and accurate test prep content for various English language tests. So, our PTE test prep modules are also preferred by many worldwide. Besides, we have research experts conducting an extensive study of the exam pattern, syllabus requirements, and other necessary guidelines to create effective test prep. They assist our SMEs with all the latest information to create updated solutions.

Moreover, we have various artists, designers, and voice-over experts developing unique multimedia elements, audiobooks, and more. Our software engineers can design interactive gamification modules, including quizzes, assessments, live sessions, videos, and more. Also, we ensure to deliver our test prep services on time and provide post-delivery assistance as well. Our customer service team works round the clock and responds immediately through call, text, or mail.

Types of PTE Test Prep Services

We offer various test prep services to clients worldwide. They enhance the client institution's reputation, reliability, and ROI.

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Speaking and Writing Test

In PTE, speaking and writing skills are reviewed in a single test. So, we create modules where learners learn to introduce themselves, repeat sentences correctly, describe an image or issue, answer short questions, and more. We also create essay questions and ask learners to write summaries for the topics taught to enhance their writing skills.

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Reading Tests

Like other language tests, PTE reviews the reading skills of non-native English speakers through various exercises. These include reading and writing, filling the blanks, MCQs, reordering paragraphs, and more. We analyze the understanding skills of learners based on information provided in passages and materials comprising standard vocabulary.

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Listening Tests

To learn a language effectively, listening is just as essential as writing. So, we conduct regular listening tests where the learners are exposed to different English accents. We create summarization questions, MCQs, filling the blanks, dictations, and more to analyze the listening abilities. It is crucial as the learners might deal with various speakers in the future.

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Mock Tests

As PTE is an entirely computerized test, there are many elements that the learners may experience for the first time. So, clients use our mock tests to familiarize their learners with the exam environment. Our mock tests perfectly simulate the exam environment and guarantee a quality learning experience. We provide multiple mock tests with unique content.

Our Clients

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Online learning platforms rely on our PTE test prep because we deliver in various compatible digital formats that clients can easily integrate into their LMSs. Also, the numerous multimedia elements attract young learners appearing for the PTE Young Learner Test.

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Schools, colleges, and universities use our PTE test prep solutions to encourage their learners to achieve high PTE scores and study in their institution of choice. We mostly create online modules, but if needed, we provide printable learning materials as well.

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Pearson schedules the PTE test at any time of the year, so large organizations and corporate houses use these tests to select employees for international projects. They use our modules to prepare their non-native speakers for a career in English speaking nations.

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How It Works?

Our experts collaborate to create some of the best PTE test prep solutions in the UK. The modules motivate learners of all ages and encourage them to do better every time.

First, we understand the client's requirements and assign a qualified team for the project. The team then designs a blueprint previewing the different services, based on which our SMEs and writers create the content. Following this, our gamification experts and designers develop interactive learning modules and tests, including multimedia elements like images, video, audio clips, and more. Then, our software experts integrate the content to formulate a unique test prep module, which our quality analysts finally review accuracy, reliability, and compatibility.

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