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We are a team of professional Subject Matter Experts delivering the best E-learning solutions to our valued clients.
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Key Issues

A Subject Matter Experts (SME) is a highly qualified resource person with extensive knowledge and experience across different concepts and fields intrinsic to their academic domain. They are professionals who read between the lines and provide reliable information on any topic that belongs to their area of expertise. They provide multiple critical viewpoints regarding issues that are often missed by popular opinion.

However, today SMEs are unable to tailor their information according to client needs and target audience. It is challenging to find SMEs that can customise their content and guide the workforce towards making it accessible and available to all. That one Subject Matter Expert with years of experience who can understand and deliver perfect results is rare to find.

Skills of our Subject Matter Experts

As a leading eLearning company, Acadecraft is equipped with experienced SMEs who are highly qualified across various fields of academia. They are professional and skilled in writing, evaluating, researching, and developing content for a wide range of clients involved in different industrial sectors. They have in-depth knowledge and experience in their respective domains and produce reliable specialised content. They also guide and evaluate content created by other professionals engaged with the project for accuracy and precision. They evaluate organisational needs, construct appropriate frameworks for a knowledge base to achieve them, and determine suitable technical solutions for organisations and institutes to function smoothly and build customer reliability.

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The Subject Matter Experts are proficient in

  • Technical Writing
  • Creation and Assessment of Test Banks
  • Creation & Revision of Instructor Manuals
  • Development of Workbooks
  • Interactive Content Creation
  • Research & Development
  • Development of Academic or otherwise Curriculums
  • Primary, Secondary and Further Education Content Development
  • Higher Education Content Development
  • Abstract Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Alt Text Writing
  • Medical Writing

SMEs at Acadecraft

Subject Matter Experts at Acadecraft are experienced across diverse fields of education. They are from academic, technical, and vocational fields and produce high-quality E-learning services for multiple sectors. They design educational and training content, modules, and manuals for e-learning businesses and companies in the UK and worldwide. The facts and technical details they provide are reliable and can be further used to create additional content, applications, modules, or learning tools by various industries. They are all experienced in delivering the best work within the required period. At Acadecraft, SMEs develop extensively researched and customised content accessible to the client, who can later use the information to design courses, assessments, test modules, training videos, marketing voice-overs, promotional campaigns, curriculums, student-teacher manuals, and a lot more with us. Depending on the client's learning objectives and growth expectations, and the target audience, our SMEs develop a wide variety of engaging and unique content and review the final service document created by other professionals to assure genuine and optimal quality.

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