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We are a professional company providing higher education typesetting services for our valued partners.
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Key Issues

Books are the most essential component of academic life, they are a vast source of knowledge along with being a guide for the students. Content of a book is given extreme importance, in accord with various concept fields in higher education. It is not just the content that should be accurate but also the format and the structure of the books appropriate for specific grade levels, for easy read and better understanding.

There is a lack of skilled designers who are creative and utilize original ideas while designing interactive and descriptive books. Digital typesetting designers are not usually familiar with the top typesetting software like Adobe InDesign, Pagination.com, QuarkXpress, Scribus. Publishers face an issue due to a lack of innovation and skills, among typesetting designers, to format the content in a logical way.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft comprises a team of designers who efficiently format creative books with high-quality visuals for Higher educational levels be it undergraduate, post-graduate or Ph.D levels. Our experienced designers employ original designs and high-resolution images while designing STM books and journals, B2B books and journals, Magazines, Proceedings, Catalogues, Encyclopaedias, Directories, subject-intrinsic books and Dictionaries. Our designers are familiar with the best typesetting software to create and structure content to establish better flow in understanding. Our team of designers also enhance accessibility and understand the colour scheming appropriate for students in multiple concept fields.

Types Of Typesetting Services

Our designers deliver professional typesetting services for higher education in publishing, designing, and printing by using creativity and innovation in formatting.

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Typesetting & Composition

Acadecraft has a team of typesetting professionals skilled in creating ready-to-publish files converted from MS Word format, typeset from a previous edition, or hard copies. We are a renowned professional typesetting company, designing a wide spectrum of publications for higher education comprising mathematical formulas, complicated drawings, diagrams, tables, multi-environment layouts, etc.

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Creative Formatting

The team of Acadecraft consists of creative graphic designers and experienced editors skilled in multilingual typesetting for higher education. They create unique, compelling and visually evoking layout structured with customized and fascinating illustrations. A well-illustrated cover page reflects high-quality content and makes the eBooks stand out.

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Asset Research, Media Rights & Permissions

Acadecraft provides affordable typesetting services by simplifying the challenging task of securing rights and permissions pertaining to publication. We ensure that clients’ digital expedition of content remains smooth. We offer consultation to various publications and have protected a few against potential breach concerning length, language, geographical limits, etc.

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Alt-text for Accessibility

Acadecraft is a reputed Typesetting company with a team of skilled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who can easily recognize and realize the major details of diagrams, images, and graphs. Adhering to the book typesetting guidelines, our SMEs add Alt Text with precision, suiting the exact description for an illustration as per the requirements, to establish easy understanding of the content by the visually impaired.

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Proofing and Testing

Acadecraft has a skilled team of typesetting professionals delivering book typesetting services for over a decade. They possess the ability to quickly identify and fix the errors concerning uneven tone in images, style, variations in artwork in relation to the source file, topography, hyperlinking, formatting, etc. The professionals make use of various platforms to verify codes and evaluate the final output.

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Rights & Permission

Acadecraft has an in-house team of experienced legal representatives, who are skilled in developing suitable and practical policies depending on the content. We offer Rights & Permission services to the publishing enterprises we work for. Our team takes care of the usage terms and conditions presented on the content while mentioning Rights & Permission.

Our clients

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Higher Education Journals

We are the most reputed typesetting service provider to Higher education Journals in the industry. We render services to various universities, institutions, governments, local higher educational bodies, Higher education colleges, IT training institutes, etc. We design high-quality innovative journals and books for all higher education concept fields.

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eBooks/Trade Books

We are specialized in offering interactive and professional typesetting services for higher education levels. We typeset eBooks and Trade Books in all formats, layout, MOBI, ePub3 and ePub for higher educational handouts as per requirements. Our experts are skilled in offering typesetting publishing solutions for fiction, reference, subject-specific and other books.

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B2B Publishing/Digital magazines

We provide high-quality higher education professional typesetting services and create opportunities for B2B publishers. Our services facilitate our clients to capitalize on the technological advancements by digitizing information and wooing the target audience.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners find better-structured topics, appropriate high-resolution images and illustrations, and easy-to-understand content to establish an understanding of the subject for higher educational levels.

We first identify the requirements of our clients, then understand the areas of improvement. We then creatively document the required designs creating a blueprint accordingly. We develop the content using the best software like InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite, Frame Maker, Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher, Quark copy desk. Finally, our quality analysts, designers and editors assess and proofread the content for accuracy of information, format and language.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- identifying, understanding, documenting, designing, developing and assessing.

To be precise, we identify, understand, develop, document, design, and assess for QC.

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