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We are a content management agency delivering various HTML/XML conversion services to our valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Websites have become a must-have for all businesses. So, clients worldwide look for ways to incorporate their content into websites and other digital platforms. However, website building necessitates data conversion into HTML and XML mark-up languages. It is a higher complex and technical task. Hence, companies look for professional companies offering these conversion services.

Some clients may prefer hiring a team of in-house professionals. But that results in high overhead cost. Outsourcing offers better services at affordable rates. However, choosing the right service is crucial. Many companies only handle few specific content formats, while on the other hand, others lack skilled professionals. Some also do not have the required technical infrastructure. It limits their quality of service and delivery capabilities. Therefore, it is challenging to find the best HTML/XML conversion service for all content formats. If found, clients must ensure that they can handle large volumes of content and deliver on time.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

We are an established content management company in the UK to deliver accurate HTML/XML conversions. Our skilled coders easily create, store and deliver information in electronic format. We have experience in handling clients across all industry sectors. Consequently, we convert content across various formats. These include Text, PDF, Word, RTF, Excel, CSV, SGML, TIFF, Printed Content, JPEG and GIF/PNG. Clients use our conversions to improve their document management services, build websites and enhance information delivery. Hence, we customise our conversions to suit the client’s business needs using the latest technology. Our conversions create accurate, responsive and reliable databases. We convert information for eBooks, manuals, manuscripts, legal documents and more. Also, to convert printed material, we perform document scanning and OCR to ensure accuracy.

Most importantly, we adhere to all compliances and ensure data security through our stringent privacy policies. Hence, Acadecraft is capable of providing quality conversions at affordable rates to clients worldwide.

Types of HTML/XML Conversions

Our programmers have in-depth knowledge and experience in HTML/XML conversions. So, they provide a wide range of prompt conversions worldwide. Our conversions ensure greater accessibility and engagement.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 Services
Word to HTML/XML

Acadecraft converts word files to HTML/XML-based languages like Atom and SOAP. So, clients that issue invoices to their customers regularly benefit greatly from these conversions. We make storing, sorting and reporting quick and easy.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 service provider in USA

We provide advanced JPEG TO HTML/XML conversion services. Our team is adept at converting JPEG, PNG and other image formats in high resolution. Thus, our clients can effectively upload all their graphics, images and pictures online.

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Acadecraft has experts who can convert restrictive PDF formats as well. As a result, clients get access to a consistent and error-free database. The documents become much easier to store, retrieve and recover when converted to HTML/XML.

flash to HTML5 conversion services in USA
Text to HTML/XML

Acadecraft realises that business needs text files that are universally accessible. So, we convert them to HTML/XML file formats to make them more easily readable. It also helps users to better categorise the information.

flash to HTML5 conversion services in USA
Excel to HTML/XML

Excel files are a misfit for websites. So, we convert them to HTML/XML file format so that the data is comprehensible across a multitude of formats. Once converted, the data becomes easily accessible, responsive and editable for all.

flash to HTML5 conversion services in USA

Clients use our TRF to HTML/XML conversions for data used in salary slips, invoices and other day-to-day records. We provide accurate conversions and integrate various features like command options, core configurations, and other additional user options.

Our Clients

Convert Flash TO HTML5

E Learning

Acadecraft provides HTML/XML conversion services to eLearning platforms in the UK and worldwide. We understand that every client’s needs differ, so; we customise our services to meet their content needs and learning objectives.

Online Convert Flash TO HTML5


Schools, colleges and universities in the UK use our conversion services to update their learning modules. Educational institutes have now started online services. So, clients use our conversions to make content available over the internet.

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We help corporate industry clients to introduce updated content on their websites. Our experts are proficient in legal, technical and other industry-related content. So, we deliver accurate HTML/XML conversions to enhance customer engagement and ROI.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 service provider in USA

How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our experts use the latest software tools to convert content into HTML/XML formats. So, we deliver quick and accurate conversions to clients across all industry sectors.

First, we collaborate with the client and collect their content. Depending on the client’s needs, we choose the type of conversion service. Then, our team converts the files quickly. Finally, our quality analysts review the converted content for accuracy and accessibility.

Hence, we collaborate, collect, choose, convert, and review before delivery.

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