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About our Editorial and Pre-Press Services

Acadecraft is a professional organization in the ed-tech industry, providing editorial and pre-press services to our clients worldwide. We offer robust solutions with rich subject matter expertise at cost-effective rates. We work with zeal and unbound innovation.

We leverage the latest technological advancements into our top-notch editorial solutions. We are a perfect blend of tools and human resources. Our professional team is well acquainted with several regional and local languages. We deliver customized solutions for typesetting, design, layout, graphics, pagination, and editing. We ensure to bring out an exact rendition of our clients’ content. Our team has the most trusted professionals. Clients can get comprehensive and satisfactory services for their content management and publishing requirements with us.

Types of Editorial and Pre-Press Services

Acadecraft offers a wide range of editorial and pre-press services closely monitored to ensure the best solutions to clients globally.

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Copyediting and Proofreading Solutions

We design copyediting and proofreading solutions to bring maximum accuracy to different forms of contenT. Our expert team of editors and subject matter experts edit clients' documents. We check and proofread other research papers, manuscripts, and multiple types of official documents. We do not follow a one-size-fits-all strategy for our services. That Only sector-specific professionals handle our clients’ records. We ensure accuracy and excellent content quality for our clients.

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Typesetting Solutions

We create the best designs for different types of content like STM books, B2B books, journals, law books, magazines, K12 books, brochures, catalogues, and many others. Our designers and typesetters ensure to recreate original designs and high-resolution images while typesetting. At Acadecraft, our typesetters transform a raw manuscript and give it a proper structure and printable format. We use advanced tools and software to develop and deliver captivating content to our clients.

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Artwork and Design Solutions

Acadecraft has a team of creative designers, artwork experts, editors, quality analysts, and illustrators. The team’s combined expertise and experience help us deliver the best solutions to clients. We provide artwork & design solutions for ad campaigns, mailers, brochures, catalogues, and others. Our teams dedicate their sector-specific knowledge to create engaging and productive artwork, adhering to our client's requirements. We never fail to maintain industry standards.

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Digitization Solutions

Acadecraft deals with a plethora of documents from different industries. We digitize medical records, financial documents, historical records, legal files, insurance, and several other documents according to our client's requirements. We provide a complete archiving solution for corporate files, survey records, blueprints, famous newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, posters, and databases. Our team is dedicated and provides optimum preservation of digitized documents. We eliminate the hassles of storing and preserving physical documents.

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Cover and Interior Page Design Solutions

As a top contender in the industry, Acdecraft builds responsive and SEO-friendly cover and interior page designs for clients. Our services are not confined. We maintain and develop existing strategies to keep the web presence intact. Our team of page designers and SEO experts presents a high-quality design for every content. We provide industry-specific page designs for e-commerce websites, web applications, and corporate websites.

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Image Restoration Solutions

Acadecrfat’s image restoration team has successfully restored hundreds of pictures using the best techniques. We also transform colours from black to white or sepia tone. We provide digital hand-colouring solutions, make new colour adjustments, balance colours, and offer several other services. We re-sequence colours and change the texture as part of our image restoration solutions. We practically do everything as per our clients' demands. We ensure to get the best of a photo they hold so dear!

Industry Cover

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Acadecraft serves the e-learning industry, delivering editorial and pre-press services to several brands. We provide affordable solutions along with strict compliance with their requirements.

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Acadecraft has a strong business relationship with multiple educational institutions, schools, colleges, and universities globally. Our pre-press services help them deliver the most unique and appealing content.

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At Acadecraft, we serve different e-commerce companies working in other regions globally. We provide our editorial and pre-press services to them at the most affordable rates.

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Acadecraft serves the international manufacturing industry with our high-quality editorial and pre-press solutions. Our professional team delivers the best services to clients by aligning with their requirements.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft’s team's combined efforts have always brought the best solutions to our clients in every department. Like our other services, we follow a definite workflow for our editorial and pre-press services.

First, we connect with our clients to learn about their specific requirements. We then note down their unique needs. We then collect the relevant resources needed to pull the task off. Next, we assign our best team and subject matter experts in the particular field. They collaborate on the required editorial and pre-press service. After its completion, our team of proofreaders and quality analysts handle the project, depending on the industry. Finally, we check the content quality and authenticate it for submission.

Therefore, our work process follows these steps - connecting, knowing, collecting, assigning, executing, proofreading, quality analyzing, checking, authenticating, and submitting.

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