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Providing Real-Time Synchronised Live Captions For Businesses To Boost Content Accessibility

We are an eLearning services provider delivering accurate live captioning services across diverse topics to our valued clients.
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Key Issues

Live captioning is the real-time delivery of captions on-screen, which help viewers with hearing disabilities read and understand dialogues, narrations and other information presented in a video or audio. Those with connection issues and technical problems also benefit from live captions. Everyone can equally enjoy the benefits and thrill of live events.

Businesses worldwide depend on live captioning to overcome delayed access to information and increase brand awareness. Live captions are vital in communicating emergency information and last-minute changes. Professional live caption writers must include every spoken word and avoid delays and spelling errors. They should be precise, accurate, and quick while drafting the captions and being mindful of the content's language, translations, and emotions. However, many fail to deliver correctly and on time due to limited technological experience, lack of subject knowledge and inability to work under pressure.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft's experienced live caption writers provide quick and accurate captions across various content types for clients belonging to different industry sectors in the UK. We use the latest technology and employ manual caption writers to ensure the accuracy of live captions. Our editors and quality analysts are quick to identify and correct any errors or misrecognised words. The captions do not cover the speaker's mouth, essential graphics, or any other visual element as they are appropriately sized and positioned. They are displayed full screen in audio clips and embedded in the bottom in presentations or videos.

Our services cater to viewers with hearing impairments, non-native speakers and those facing technical issues. We deliver clear captions in a simple font so that viewers are not distracted from the actual content. Our team guarantees minimal delay and improved user engagement. While drafting the captions, we comply with the WCAG 2.1 guidelines and any other accessibility standards specified by the client. We caption for numerous languages and provide our services 24*7.

Types Of Live Captioning Services

Acadecraft delivers a wide range of live-captioning services to clients for better understanding and accessibility of academic, business and any other video or audio content.

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Remote live captioning

Caption writers of Acadecraft deliver live captions for video and audio lectures, webinars, seminars and meetings held over the internet. The captions are directly available to the users on their devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones. Our team works with experienced software developers and technology experts to assure accurate and on-time delivery of captions.

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On-site live captioning

Acadcraft's team also provides on-site captioning services where the writers caption off-line events on-the-go. Their vast experience and ability to work well under pressure enable them to deliver live captions in multiple languages. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the event's topic, which helps them grasp all the spoken content easily and write captions quickly.

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Teleconference captioning services

Writers at Acadecraft are well-versed with the technical skills required to deliver live captions for teleconferencing events. Their quick-thinking abilities help them produce live captions for teleconferences, webinars, or Skype calls without any delay. Our captions help businesses to connect with people around the world by overcoming language barriers and enhancing accessibility.

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Electronic notetaking

Our team of live caption writers deliver real-time electronic notetaking services in a brief format. Acadecraft's electronic notetaking services are used as minutes for a meeting and usually target non-native speakers and sign language users. Clients use our services to reach out to employees and customers with special needs to ensure a smooth workflow and better service.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides live captioning services to E-learning companies and educational institutes for their live video lectures, tutorials, assessments, webinars and presentations. Our writers have in-depth subject knowledge and are familiar with all academic jargons that allow them to quickly deliver live captions. Our services are available for all educational levels and academic disciplines.

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Acadecraft delivers live captions for various entertainment genres like sports, news, award shows and other live telecasted events. Our writers use the latest software and experience to design captions that perfectly denote the content's ambience. We serve clients in the UK and worldwide.

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Acadecraft is known for the timely delivery of live captioning services to businesses worldwide. Our writers understand every technical term in the book and caption content effectively. We caption training modules, webinars, presentations, product demos, meetings and any other marketing or industrial content.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we work to ensure that clients obtain optimal captions for all their content. Captions designed by us guarantee better understanding, enhanced accessibility, wider reach and higher engagement.

First, we understand the requirements of our clients and collect their content. Then our caption writers listen and transcribe the content as the video/audio progresses and paraphrase wherever necessary. Next, they speak into speech-to-text software to produce on-screen captions. Quality analysts review and edit the content simultaneously to create accurate real-time captions.

Hence, we understand, collect, transcribe, speak, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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