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Training Learners By Exposing Them To Simulated Environments

We are an experienced e-learning company delivering scenario-based learning solutions for our valued partners.
scenario-based learning solutions

Key Issues

One of the best ways to extend classroom learning is scenario-based learning. It accommodates real-life situations to deliver an active learning experience to the learners.

Developing life-like and engaging scenarios for learners is a difficult process. Developers must carefully consider the learning goals, study topic, framing of issues, and participant behaviour before constructing a scenario. Effective scenarios can train learners across various academic disciplines and work domains. Immersive scenarios allow learners to face real-life challenges in the virtual world and make learning more effective and conclusive. As users learn by doing, their retention capacity and adaptability also improves. An effective module can help trigger behavioural changes, facilitate decision-making, and allow learners to explore situations on their own. However, content developers fail to deliver effective scenario-based learning services because of technological inadequacy, lack of knowledge or less experience. A good service provider must design tailor-made scenario-based learning modules that meet all the client objectives.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft’s team of expert scenario-based content developers provide customised learning solutions to various businesses. The scenario designs are based on real-life issues and places that are familiar to the learners. They are sequenced in the form of a story and supplemented with appropriate background music and audio effects which guarantees an immersive user-experience. Our team creates engaging, relatable and emotionally driven content that helps users connect to the challenges and tasks embedded in them. Clients can be assured that our scenario-based content will improve learners' communication skills, practical skills, and productivity. The modules effectively reduce the time and expense of training that the client would have otherwise spent on ineffective and monotonous learner programmes with limited practical exposure. We guarantee that learners can enhance their problem-solving skills decision-making skills through our modules, rectify and learn from their mistakes. Clients can achieve the desired behavioural change and enhanced productivity of their learners or employees through our programmes.

Types Of Scenario-Based Learning

Acadecraft’s team is well-versed with all the latest technological advancements and can create scenario-based learning modules for various academic and work purposes. Our experienced SMEs and developers are proficient in all subjects and work domains and can create the following types of learning modules

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Simple Scenario-based learning

Acadecraft delivers simple Scenario-based Learning services dedicated to teach or train learners in one skill. These modules let learners practice and develop one skill with precision. Our team develops each module in accordance with client requirements and learning goals. The scenarios help learners solve problems and adopt new skills.

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Complex Scenario-based learning

Acadecraft’s complex scenario-based learning modules are directed to train multiple skills of learners at once. In these comprehensive scenarios, learners can practise and apply different techniques like product presentation, establishing contact, identifying needs, overcoming challenges, and closing deals. Our scenarios guarantee fast learning and greater engagement.

Professional Scenario-Based Learning Services

One-shot Scenario-based Learning

These are one-time learning opportunities developed by Acadecraft. Most software and process training are built on these scenarios, which help learners know about the various features of the software or process. The modules facilitate easy understanding of complex processes and concepts.

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Learn-by-example Scenario-based Learning

Acadecraft provides learn-by-example scenario-based learning modules in which learners come in contact with various circumstances where they are expected to intervene and take decisions. The further course of action in the scenario is determined by the learner themselves. In this way, learners can see the effect of their decision and rectify them if needed. It enhances the logical and critical thinking abilities of learners.

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Microworlds scenario-based learning help deliver a virtual representation of life-like situations. The learners can physically interact with various elements of the virtual world and document their experiences. These experiences help them react faster when the same situation is presented to them in real life. Our scenario-based training modules are unique for every client and designed in alignment with the learning goals of the client.

Our Clients

Acadecraft’s scenario-based learning modules are developed to suit the needs of different industry sectors like

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Acadecraft provides scenario-based learning solutions for various E-learning companies that deliver high-quality interactive and immersive content to their clients. Our modules abide by the learning objectives and quality standards prescribed by our client at all times. Our experts can do E-learning modules across a wide range of topics and study disciplines.

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Educational Institutes

Schools, universities, university colleges, higher education institutes and other education institutes rely on us for scenario-based learning services to deliver their E-learning content. We provide optimal solutions across various fields and education levels, considering the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications.

Affordable Scenario-Based Learning Services


Acadecraft delivers informative and engaging scenario-based learning modules that enhance learner engagement and help organisations meet their learning objectives and business goals by confronting learners with real-life problems. These can be virtual walkthroughs of the workplace, interactive product demos, emergency training, and more. Our services cater to a variety of industrial training hubs and corporates.

scenario-based learning solutions in UK

How It Works

At Acadecraft, we create compact and accessible training modules using scenario-based learning for widespread learners to help them gain in-depth knowledge and assistance for a desired behavioural change and overall development.

We first, collaborate with the client and understand their needs and target audiences. Then, we choose the most suitable scenario structure for developing a module that can effectively meet all objectives of businesses. Next, we develop the chronology of the scenes and the learning outcomes. We then design the scenario and finally, our quality analysts review the modules.

Hence, in our seven-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, choose, develop, design, review and deliver.

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