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Key Issues

Gamification uses gaming elements like levels, rewards, points, badges and leaderboards in non-game areas like E-learning. It creates a sense of motivation and competition among learners, enhancing their productivity and will to learn more quickly.

Professional gamification service providers must have designers and developers who are well-versed with all the latest technological advancements and software requirements to develop interesting and practical gamified learning modules. At the same time, they should also be mindful that their main motive is to impart knowledge and integrate every element of the game with something valuable. Most gamification designers fail to deliver effective services because they lack in-depth knowledge about the concept and miss integrating critical learnings into their final product. Sometimes the module becomes too complicated as the developer tries to include too many ideas at once, which may derail or confuse the learners. It is challenging for clients to get hold of an agency that can provide effective game-based gamification solutions for various concept fields while motivating learners and making their journey enjoyable.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft’s team of experienced and talented gamification designers create unique gamified learning solutions aligned with the clients’ goals. Our experts identify the learning objectives and strategise accordingly. Based on the target audience, the modules may focus on imparting information or delivering skill training. We effectively imprint every critical learning element or concept into an interactive game and design the gaming elements in a way that makes learning more engaging and motivating. Our modules assure behavioural changes, knowledge expansion and easy understanding of learners. They enhance learner engagement, improve their skills, and optimise their learning by integrating problem-solving techniques and tasks. Instead of delivering boring facts and data, we use a game-based story with user embedded plots that make learning exciting, retaining, and fun. Our gamification strategies guarantee a heightened learner experience by making knowledge delivery smooth, measurable and personalised.

Types Of Gamification Services

Acadecraft integrates attractive gamification elements to learning modules across various concepts and work domains. We create activities and modules that are engaging, motivating and assure complete client satisfaction. Our modules have a story incorporated with visual designs, challenges, rewards, badges, feedbacks, assessments and tournaments.

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Achievement Badges

Acadecraft rewards learners with achievement badges whenever they reach a milestone in their training or source. This motivates them to carry on and learn faster. These virtual rewards and badges are well-timed and give learners enough time to think, act and respond. The badges add up to higher ranks which later help them move up in the tournament rankings. Learners develop the ability to plan and think for the future.

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Leader Boards

Another feature that brings out the competitive skill in learners. Acadecraft targets learners’ desire to compete and win against others by displaying a leader board that keeps ranking the participants continuously. We also design Learning Management Systems (LMS) that allow learners to compete against automated characters to finish a task or to beat a score. This ensures greater learner engagement and excitement.

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Gamification designers at Acadecraf integrates role-playing effective training. Learners need to take up different roles that require them to make quick decisions and thoughtful negotiations. They get an opportunity to employ their learnings and test the knowledge gained in a controlled life-like environment that replicates real-life situations. These techniques are widely used in training skills and subjects that require practical experience.

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Tactical designs by Acadecraft help tune the strategic thinking and logical abilities of learners. Tactical games may be a simple strategy game or a complex multi-layered one designed in a life-like environment. Certification courses or modules that require quick results often use tactical elements in their design. They are also used by marketing clients to design and execute business and promotional strategies.

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Platform Game

Acadecraft creates highly interesting platform games where learners solve problems or complete tasks to get through from one end of a board to another. The tasks involve games that require learners to remove obstacles. Our platform games are fun and engaging and we are always mindful to integrate learning elements into them. These games keep track of learners’ progress and monitor their mistakes with appropriate feedbacks which help them to learn from their mistakes and try a different approach the next time they face a similar challenge. We often use them as relaxing breakers in long courses.

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Content Gamification

Here, we turn content into gamified learning solutions-like elements by incorporating challenges, storytelling, rewards, feedback loops and tournaments without actually transforming the training into a game. This increases users’ engagement with the course material without actually developing an elaborate game. The content is the hero here as it remains upfront in the learning process. These are more common in cases where the course material s too vast or complicated to be turned into a game.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft provides Gamification services to E-learning companies that deliver high-quality interactive content to their clients. Our modules abide by the learning objectives and curriculum standards prescribed by our client at all times. We provide gamification services for E-learning modules across a wide range of topics and study disciplines.

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Educational Institutes

Schools, universities, university colleges, higher education institutes and other education institutes rely on us for the delivery of immersive gamification services for their E-learning content. We provide optimal solutions across various fields and education levels, considering the client's curriculum needs and topic specifications.

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Acadecraft delivers innovative and engaging gamified online training modules that enhance learner engagement and help organisations meet their production requirements and business goals through interactive and problem-solving tasks and challenges. The modules may teach customer dealings, product features and skill development. Our services cater to a variety of industrial training hubs and corporates.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our work process is dedicated to delivering interactive learning modules that facilitate easy understanding of concepts, impart in-depth knowledge, and increase learner engagement.

We first collaborate with the clients and understand their requirements and target audience. Next, we define the storyline of the game. Then, we design and develop gaming and learning features. Our gamification solutions implement the design into modules and finally, the quality analysts review the content for accuracy.

Hence, in our seven-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, define, design, develop, implement and review.

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