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We create industry-leading blended learning solutions to help clients in elevating education and businesses worldwide.
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Key Issues

Educational institutes and businesses are shifting to blended learning modes as it promises easy access, better understanding and saves time. This integrated learning model combines traditional classroom experiences with high technology and digital elements to make learning fun, engaging and interactive.

However, blended learning demands a certain level of digital literacy and efficacy with electronic devices that are most challenging for most businesses and academic institutes. So, very often, clients are looking for agencies that can help them create appropriate content and design delivery platforms. However, most content developers either lack the required digital expertise or subject knowledge to meet such requirements. Good content must give learners the best of both worlds i.e. they should be able to avail all the in-person benefits of being in a classroom, like on-spot conversations and doubt-clearing sessions with the instructor.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft excels in consulting and delivering some of the unique blended learning solutions across various concept fields. Our content developers and solution designers have a stronghold over multiple complicated concepts of study and are familiar with different work cultures. They use the latest technology to create content that guarantees effective and visible results. The modules designed by us include audio, visual, textual, simulation and many other ways of making learning engaging and learner-friendly. We effectively convert offline training or learning elements into online training modules.

Our learning solutions blend mobile, social, and self-paced learning. With the help of collaboration tools, we provide both one-on-one training and classroom training. Our modules guarantee an increased user engagement, facilitate easier understanding, and allow user-feedback. Our robust and multi-approach modules can be accessed on all devices, on various platforms from anywhere anytime. Our team customises each project according to the teaching patterns and aligns with the client's learning outcomes. We consult institutions and organisations on choosing an ideal blend of training options that would guarantee them higher productivity and user engagement.

Types Of Blended Learning Solutions

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Station Rotation Blended Learning

In this type of blended learning, we focus on designing subject-specific modules. Here, the learner rotates through different learning environments over time. They explore face-to-face classroom lessons, online modular learning, doubt-clearing sessions, tutoring, homework assignments, group discussions, and many more. It helps educators to focus on small groups, allows project-based learning, and keeps students interested in regular changes in topics.

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Flipped Classroom Blended Learning

Acadecraft designs content for Flipped Classroom blended learning model. The learner goes through classroom lessons on a subject and then follows an online module, remotely. This model allows students to get help from their teachers whenever they need it and access the lessons on-demand and on repeat. Clients depend on our modules for a complete understanding of the concepts reserve physical space for activity-based learning.

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Mastery-based Blended Learning

This form of blended learning emphasises individual progress by allowing them to work at their own pace. Our modules use an instructional approach, which challenges learners to clarify and understand how they have reached a solution and demonstrate how to solve work-related problems with context. Our content and assessments help students bring out their knowledge and skill in a particular area and facilitate personalised learning experience based on individual capabilities.

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Supplemental Blended Learning

The Supplemental blended learning model relies mostly on online course content to enhance the face-to-face classroom experience. Our designs for this method are a lot more concise and specific as there is almost no significant reduction in physical learning time. The online components enrich in-class activities and encourage extended learning outside of class. They are in the form of short videos, animations, games, and other relevant modes.

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Self-Directed Blended Learning

Acadecraft designs personalised learning content that helps learners achieve the desired performance, academic goals and interact with their instructors digitally. Self-Directed blended learning focuses on student initiative; therefore, our modules encourage students to take responsibility for their education by monitoring their progression, setting personal goals, and identifying weak areas.

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Flex Blended Learning

Acadecraft designs digital and offline content for Flex blended learning where students learn from computers even while being on campus. We design content that helps students to work through the course material at their own pace. Since they are at school while learning our designed course material, we deliver the content resources they would have if they were taking face-to-face classes.

Our Clients

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Years of experience in the E-learning sector have made us deliver the best content that best suits e-learning platforms. Our SMEs, editors, designers, and technicians are well equipped with the knowledge and produce unique and compelling content in no time.

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Educational Institutions

We develop accurate and reliable blended learning solutions for high schools, universities, colleges, and other education institutes involved in different education programmes across the UK. While developing our modules, we are considerate of the curriculum needs and learning goals of the institute.

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We create engaging and fruitful training solutions in the blended learning model for corporate clients to guarantee enhanced productivity and personality improvement. Our modules target employees' overall development while adhering to the client organisation's work ethic and vision.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our workflow ensures overall growth of the learner in terms of skill, knowledge and experience. We assure that learners can avail of our services from anywhere and find the best-blended learning content required to ace their curriculum.

We begin by first identifying our clients' requirements and locating content development areas for online and offline learning solutions. We then design the blueprint and develop relevant blended content based on it. Finally, our quality analysts and editors assess the composite range for accuracy of information and language.

Hence, in our five-step workflow, we identify, locate, design, develop and assess.

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