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Designing Curriculums That Deliver the Most Relevant Higher Education!

At Acadecraft, we offer curriculums that address the needs, are flexible, and look to fulfill long-term goals of the client institutions.
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Key Issues

Curriculum is one of the fundamental aspects of delivering quality education. If the curriculum is not proper, the institutions can never fulfill their learning objectives. With the evolution in technology, some subjects have lost their importance, while some others have grown to prominence. Hence, the new age curriculum demands new subjects that are relevant to the current job market.

This gives rise to customized curriculum development services. Institutions search for curriculum designers who can design curriculums that strike the perfect balance between employment demand and the present learning methodologies of the institution. But, due to lack of sufficient data, many service providers fail to do so. They fail to find ways of integrating the latest skills within the existing framework of knowledge delivery. To resolve such issues, and get the most suited curriculum, institutions connect with Acadecraft.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

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At Acadecraft, we aim to impart the 3 major qualities into our curriculums. These qualities are:

  • Flexibility: We know that the curriculum must keep evolving continuously. So, we make sure to keep the curriculum flexible enough to accommodate the changes.
  • Addresses the Needs: Our research analysts study the global curriculums, demand in the job market, and then suggest the most relevant content for the curriculum.
  • Maintain a Logical Sequence and Combination: We do not add unnecessary subjects, and try to maintain a sequence of topics that makes them easily understandable for the learners.
  • By availing our curriculum development services, our clients get a curriculum that covers all the necessary subjects, without making it complicated for their learners. In addition, we take care of the teaching methodology of the client institution, and find ways to inculcate the necessary changes in the curriculum without changing their methodology. This helps them deliver the best education to their learners, without increasing the cost of delivery.

Types of Curriculum Development Services

At Acadecraft, we follow a multi-dimensional approach for our curriculum development services. Some of our services are discussed below.

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Subject-Centered Curriculum Development

In this type of curriculum development, our main focus remains on ringing out the different dimensions of a particular subject. This type of curriculum development proves beneficial when we already know the subject that we need to focus on. It helps to put extra efforts on bringing out all the realms of that particular subject.

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Learner-Centered Curriculum Development

It is one of the most used models of curriculum development, where a learner’s need is given the highest priority. For this purpose, we connect with the client’s learners, and try to understand their learning patterns. Our experts aim to fulfill the learning gaps efficiently, so that the clients can get the desired results from their learners.

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Problem-Centered Curriculum Development

Through this type of curriculum development, the institutions are trying to impart problem-solving skills to their learners. Our experts connect with the client institutions to discuss the type of problems that they want their students to solve. We offer customized curriculums for our clients.

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Curriculum Consulting Services

If our client institutions are not able to figure out which type of curriculum will suit them the most, our curriculum experts will help them out. Our curriculum consultants study the learning behavior of learners, understand the objectives of the institutions, and then come up with the most suited curriculum.

Our Clients

Professional curriculum development services provider in UK

Educational Institutions

Acadecraft delivers lecture notes and study materials, assessment papers, LMS services, instructional design services, and many more!

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E-Learning Companies

We deliver learning videos, animated PPTs, explainers, and neatly crafted lesson plans for effective delivery of online lessons.

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Tutorial Homes

The tutorial homes often need customized study materials and assessments. We deliver them regular services with long-term commitment.

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How It Works

For all of us at Acadecraft, our clients come first. And this client first policy of ours has led to the evolution of our fully customized learning solutions.

So, while starting with any project, we first connect with our clients to discuss their requirements in detail. Once we fully understand the client's needs. We allocate the project to our specialist team. Our experts first go through the requirements thoroughly and do sufficient research. Afterwards, they start working on the project. Once the project is ready, our QC team does a thorough quality check. Once we are 100% sure of the quality, we deliver the project to our clients.

Our clients can reach out to us any time, if they need any further help. Our client support executives remain active 24x7. Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, research, develop, test, and deliver the best curriculums to our clients.

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