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We provide accurate and professional academic content development services to all our valued partners.
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Key Issues

Creating the right content is a critical step for any higher education program. Whatever information is being provided and delivered to the students needs to align with every concerned curriculum framework's learning objectives. The content must aim for holistic growth and facilitate in-depth knowledge and understanding of the topic. Being unaware of subject-specific pedagogy, most content creators fail to present detailed information.

The content must be in continuity with the knowledge acquired from previous years, which may differ from country to country. It should be interactive and rich in aesthetics to stay interested in what they are learning. The information must be arranged sequentially, formatted appropriately, and accompanied by high-quality supporting images to make learning exciting and engaging.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has experienced and creative minds who are passionate about delivering personalised content development services to our clients according to their guidelines.

We have a group of enthusiasts that strive to deliver high-quality, fast, and smart content development solutions. As a leading content development service in the UK, we work in collaboration with highly qualified subject matter experts to create error-free client-centric solutions. Our content developers ensure plagiarism free content, 100% client satisfaction, and on-time delivery of content regardless of time zones.

Quality Assurance

We assure error and plagiarism free content due to our Quality Analysts (QA) efforts, who are specialized in a range of disciplines. They check and recheck every piece of content created by our SMEs before delivering it to the client.

The QAs ensure that the content -

  • is original and unique.
  • aligns to the client's needs.
  • fulfills the learning objectives.
  • is upto the corresponding standards.
  • is relevant and correct.
  • is free of grammatical and language errors.
  • is sequential and accurate.
  • is supported by appropriate graphics and other visual accompaniments.
Professional content development service provider

Types Of Content Development Services

As every institute has a unique education system, we make sure to approach every project differently. With every one-third of the UK's students adopting higher studies, the competition is fierce, and the opportunity is valuable. Hence, we make sure that students receive complete fulfilment with our content, and their knowledge expands as a result.

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We provide accurate content development services for several textbooks, including ebooks, print, etc., for several industry verticals. They are continually innovating to make learning more enjoyable. Our knowledge about the different curriculum frameworks helps us deliver content development solutions in harmony with the learning outcomes.

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Solution manuals

When it comes to solving question banks before exams, solution manuals prove to be the best for discovering the answers. Acadecraft delivers step-by-step explanations to the most complex problems understandably and accurately, strengthening the students' conceptual knowledge. The manuals focus on questions that would help students solve one problem and give them an idea to solve many similar questions in the future.

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Test Banks

Acadecraft is also adept at creating unique question banks that can be exam-oriented or course-oriented, according to client's requirements. Experts review our test content before declaring it reliable and valid. We also use statistical measures to validate our question banks for extra reliability.

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Curriculum Development

The efficient curriculum developers of Acadecraft are familiar with the higher education system in the UK and hence design systematic and detailed curriculums for all subjects. The curriculums also refer to interactive and substantive ways professors can instruct students studying in various universities.

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Lesson Plan

Lesson Planners at Acadecraft ensure that the learning experience is interactive and knowledgeable by incorporating high-quality content and visuals that make the concepts more interesting. They prepare the lesson plan to increase their knowledge, apply the existing knowledge, develop their ideas, and think outside the box.

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Practice Papers

Practice papers prove to be handy for students preparing for various certification and university entrance exams. Our SMEs create questions ranging from one-word questions, essay questions to high-order thinking skills and subject enrichment questions.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft offers professional content development services to several e-learning companies. Our clients rely on us as we deliver the exact solutions that they require.

Professional content development service

Educational Institutes

We are one of the best higher education content development companies, which distinctively approaches every client.

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World-renowned publishers of higher education content have been associated with Acadecraft for years. With satisfied clients worldwide, we have managed to gain trust as one of the most innovative and efficient content development service providers available online.

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How It Works

The smooth and efficient workflow at Acadecraft guarantees well-researched and easy-to-understand academic content.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. We then identify the development areas and design the template/blueprint based on it. Then, we develop the content, which is finally reviewed for flow, accuracy, and precision by our quality analysts.

Hence, in our seven-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, identify, design, develop, review and deliver.

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