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Delivering Customised, Inclusive And Accessible Learning Modules For Primary Education Through Unique Digital Strategies

We are a leading eLearning content developer providing innovative primary education solutions for our valued clients.
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Key Issues

Due to technological advancements in the education sector, education is no more confined to traditional four-walled classrooms and paper book learning. Students are familiar with technologies and need exciting learning modules to keep them engaged throughout the lesson.

Several educational institutions are heading for new innovative primary level content solutions to enhance learning experiences and lesson delivery techniques. It's challenging to find a perfect company that delivers strategised lesson plans and content for all academic fields on the given deadline. Several agencies providing primary education solutions lack experienced resources due to which they fail to meet clients objectives. Many agencies do not understand clients guidelines due to a lack of expertise resulting in the waste of money, time and energy.

How can Acadecraft help?

Being one of the best eLearning services providers in the UK, Acadecraft is home to several highly-talented Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), content writers, designers, video-makers, creators and quality analysts. Our experienced team of professionals delivers the optimal learning solution for primary education across all subjects. We have in-depth knowledge about the educational pattern, curriculum designs, learning goals, and pedagogy practices followed in the UK. Due to this mere reason, we have expertise in delivering the industry best primary education solutions. We offer various educational services like curriculum designing, assessment solutions, content creation, consultations, software and digital assistance.

Our technical experts provide hosting services, platform designs, virtual labs, eLearning courses and other digital elements to enhance modern learning facilities. We have the expertise to handle large volumes of data and deliver personalised solutions 24*7 across all time zones.

Types of Primary Education Solutions

Professional e learning primary education provider
Content Creation

Acadecraft is a leading content creation company for multiple clients in the education industry. Our team creates learning modules for every subject and concept required in the UK's primary education level. Our wide range of learning content focuses on math, science, history, geography, art, music, technology and physical education concepts.

Professional e learning primary education provider in UK
Curriculum design

Acadecraft designs effective curriculums inclusive of all primary education needs. Our experts are familiar with the learning goals and pedagogy patterns of the United Kingdom and include collaborative teaching and assessments techniques.

Professional e learning primary education company

We create various subject-specific assessments that test the students' communication, retention, identification, and arithmetic abilities. Acadecraft specially curates interactive exercises and activities as per client guidelines, resulting in improved student engagement and socialisation.

e learning primary education

Worksheets are an essential part of primary education. Acadecraft designs interactive science, math, vocabulary, spelling and cursive writing worksheets for our clients. They improve student's analytical abilities, word usage and spellings.

e learning primary education in UK

To facilitate easy understanding and retention of concepts, Acadecraft creates colourful, attractive and informative flashcards. Instructors can use our flashcards as a part of their lesson delivery for guaranteed response and interactions from learners.

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Acadecraft has a team of linguists and technical experts who deliver accurate localisation and translation services. We translate, caption, dub and transcribe learning content in multiple languages to facilitate better accessibility and understanding.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft develops easily understandable primary level content solutions for e-learning platforms that enhance student engagement. We align our services with the learning goals and curriculum needs of the client.

e learning primary education


Schools providing primary education facilities in the UK depend on Acaecraft for quality reading materials, assessments, lesson plans, workbooks, and audiovisual learning material.

Professional e learning primary education


Acadecraft provides primary education solutions to publishers who produce academic content online and offline. We also proofread, typeset and edit content for our publishers.

Professional e learning primary education provider

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our experts work together to deliver effective primary education solutions to all clients in the UK and worldwide.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then, depending on their budget, learning objectives and target audience, we design a blueprint of all the services needed. We then execute the project as per the guidelines. Finally, our QA team review and audit the content for accuracy of information and accessibility.

Hence, our workflow includes the following steps: collaborate, understand, design, execute, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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