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Designing Interactive And Structured Curriculums For Enhanced Learning Delivery And Experience

We are a leading eLearning company providing inclusive and learner-oriented curriculums to our clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Curriculums often lack the interactivity and assessment techniques necessary to ensure inclusive learning and knowledge retention. Academic clients look for effective curriculum design services that systematically map the available content to the various learning objectives and develop an impactful course outline.

A professional curriculum development service must integrate assessment strategies, collaborative exercises, enriching content and interactive activities into their curriculums. However, most curriculum designers fail to achieve the learning objectives because of a lack of knowledge about the client institution's educational pattern and pedagogy.

How can Acadecraft help?

As a pioneer of the eLearning industry, Acadecraft designs interactive curriculums for the UK's primary and secondary educational needs. Our SMEs and curriculum designers are mindful of the prerequisite knowledge and vocabulary level while developing curriculums. They integrate interactive group discussions, practical experiments, application-based assessments and other exciting elements to make learning engaging and fun. Depending on the level of education and pedagogy patterns, we increase our curriculums' complexity so that learners can experience steady and progressive growth. We deliver curriculum development services in the stipulated time and are available for post-delivery communication 24*7.

Types of Curriculum Development Services

As an experienced curriculum design service provider, Aacdecraft delivers various curriculums for primary and secondary education in the UK.

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Subject-Centred Curriculum Design Services

The team at Acadecraft designs accurate subject-specific curriculums for schools across different academic disciplines. We create content in multiple languages and cater to a vast target audience. We integrate guides, assessments, tests, activities, and training modules covering all the syllabus's essential topics. The content we suggest includes interactive videos, audiobooks, group discussions, informative films, documentaries and other innovative learning methods. Subject-centred curriculums focus on one particular subject at a time. Our SMEs create curriculums for all subjects and topics prescribed by the client. In our curriculums, we include teaching suggestions as well. We list innovative and engaging teaching methods that the teachers can adopt to understand complicated topics better. Our curriculums include an index and glossaries as well.

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Learner-Centred Curriculum Design Services

Acadecraft designs learner-centred curriculums that focus on specific learning objectives and includes content based on the learners' prerequisite knowledge. We systematically devise the syllabus and lesson plans so that teachers can conduct classes in a step-by-step manner. The appropriate content supplements every learning objective to ensure that every objective is met and learners can progress at an average pace. We include a range of choices of learning methods and assessment techniques so that learners can choose the content they wish to study and decide to participate in assignments and activities they like. In online platforms, this responsive feature helps us design custom learning modules for every user. Based on the user's feedback and options, the curriculum will modify its content as learning progresses.

Our Clients

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We offer interactive and responsive curriculums to all our eLearning clients. Our services are available round the clock and across all educational levels and academic disciplines. Our eLearning curriculums follow the prescribed learning objectives and pedagogy patterns.

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We deliver a range of curriculum services to schools and academic institutes catering to primary and secondary education in the UK. Our experts design innovative curriculums that include updated content, interactive assignments and engaging teaching methods. We also have blended learning options if desired by the client.

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Acadecraft provides curriculum design services to publishers that produce lesson plans, subject guides, teaching guides and course books. We offer accurate and up to date curriculum designs so that publishers can integrate every little change and innovation into their editions.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our curriculum designers and SMEs work together to deliver innovative and accurate curriculums to clients across all educational levels and academic disciplines.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then, we map their learning objectives with appropriate content and integrate the curriculum with innovative assessments, discussions and projects. Using the latest software tools and manual expertise, we create an engaging and inclusive curriculum. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for the accuracy of the information and language.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, integrate, create, review and deliver in our six-step workflow.

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